Transform your Clinical Operations

Better approaches to drive
clinical trials forward

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Pharmacovigilance Services

Safety of patient is the burning need in an increasingly
complex regulatory requirement in pharmacovigilance

Our Expertise comes from years of experience

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Comprehensive Global Regulatory Affairs Services

Flexible and Responsible staff available 24x7
to cater all your regulatory services

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Global Pharma Tek

Exceptional people.
Exceptional care.

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Global Pharma Tek

Striving to Accelerate Process
in the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Delivering Sustainable Value Through Global Partnerships

Applying the technological expertise to the medical knowledge to derive near infallible results comes naturally to Global Pharma Tek, LLC.

Mission & Vision

Achieve leadership in services offered through team work, cost consciousness and excellence in science & technology.

News & Events

Visiting fairs and exhibitions are an ideal way to get to know more about GPT, our products and meet our staff employees. We look forward to meeting you.

How to reach us?

Refer to to identify the best routes to reach 2025 Lincoln Highway via road. For reaching GPT, on landing in the city ask the taxi for "225 Edison".

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